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Members....would you like to keep your membership, or give up your 2019  place for someone else?   Be sure to look for the renewal e-mail in your inbox and go through the process plu...

Hot Temps - Closing Waters

Extremely high temperatures and low rainfall over KZN has forced us to close certain waters. This last weekend has seen surface water temps reach 26 degrees and 23 degrees at 3m depth. Water closur...


Hilton Pub evenings in 2019

Our regular pub evenings happen on the last Monday of every month.  2019 kicks off with the first one on Monday 28th January.  See you at Crossways in Hilton!...

Past events

We have started a pub evening in Hillcrest, to mirror the one that happens on the last Monday of every month in Hilton...same date, other city.  The fitrst one was held on Monday 28th May 2018...